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Lauri Lake

Lauri Lake Project

Our Lauri Lake Lithium Project spans 10,646 hectares, comprising 21 claims equivalent to 510 cells. Nestled in northwestern Ontario, Canada, this project promises substantial lithium potential, aligning with our commitment to sustainable energy development.

The Lauri Lake Project is located 45km southeast of Longlac, Ontario with highway and logging road access via Trans-Canada Highway 11 (see Figure below).


The Company has acquired a 100% stake in the Lauri Lake mineral exploration claims. (together, the Lauri Lake Vendors). The Lauri Lake Project comprises of 21 claims (510 cells) totalling 10,646 hectares.

Exploration History

Evidence of fertile granite fractionation of the Lauri Lake pluton occurs in the form of pegmatites that have been mapped within the pluton as well as well into the surrounding sediments. In 1968, M.E. Coates’ mapping in the Ontario Geological Survey documented apatite, tourmaline, cordierite and muscovite within the pegmatites. These minerals are good indicator of fertile granite fractionation, which deposits pegmatites.