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Root Lake

Root Lake Project

The Company has acquired a 90% interest in the Root Lake exploration claims, with Rockex Mining holding 10%.

The Root Lake claim package is contiguous to Green Technology Metals Limited’s (ASX: GT1) Root and McCombe pegmatite field.

Pioneer Lithium’s maiden fieldwork program is scheduled for fall 2023, with our maiden drilling program scheduled for late autumn / fall 2023. Our primary focus for the fieldwork program is to inform us of the property’s lithology, identify pegmatite outcrops and identification of pathfinder minerals. A geochemical sampling campaign will be performed with samples sent for assaying.

The Project can be accessed via an all-weather road which runs from Highway 516 to Slate Falls (All-Weather Road). The large All-Weather Road runs from the eastern to western boundaries, giving great access to all extents of the claims. Access to further areas of the Root Lake Project can be achieved via smaller forestry roads branching off from the All-Weather Road.


The Company has an exclusive option to acquire a 90% interest in the mineral exploration claims comprising the Root Lake Project from Rockex Mining Corporation. The Root Lake Project comprises of 94 claims totalling 1,927 hectares. The Root Lake claim package can be seen on the figure above.

Exploration History

Limited exploration of the Root Lake claims has occurred, with the most signifcant exploration occurring in the 1950’s. A limited drilling campaign has been performed, concentrated in the central portion of the claims. This campaign was performed by Capital Lithium Mine Ltd around 1956-57. There were no lithium assays reported from this campaign, with pegmatite being observed in the lithological logs.