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LaGrande Project

LaGrande Project – The LaGrande Project is strategically positioned 100 to 175 kilometres east of Radisson. Accessible via the all-season Trans Taiga Highway, which connects Radisson to Brisay in the northwest of Quebec, Canada, this project’s location underscores its significance in our innovative lithium exploration endeavours.

The LaGrande Project is located approximately 100-175km east of Radisson, off the all-season Trans Taiga Highway, which connects Radisson to Brisay in the northwest of Quebec, Canada (see Figure below).

The LaGrande Project claims are in three clusters: La Grande-River, LaGrande-Quatre West, and LaGrande-Quatre East. The LaGrande River is located towards the west, near the western banks of Grande Reservoir #3, and LaGrande-Quatre East and West are located near the LaGrande #4 hydroelectric generation station.

Pioneer Lithium is proposing a short maiden fieldwork program in autumn/fall 2023. Our primary focus for the fieldwork program is to provide preliminary understanding of the property’s lithology, identify pegmatite outcrops and identification of pathfinder minerals. A geochemical sampling campaign will be performed with samples sent for assaying.


The Company has acquired a 100% stake in the LaGrande mineral exploration claims. The LaGrande Project consists of 92 claims covering 4,688 hectares across three areas:

(i) LaGrande-Quatre West with 20 claims (1,022 hectares);
(ii) LaGrande-Quatre East with 7 claims (357 hectares); and
(iii) LaGrande-River with 65 claims (3,308 hectares).

The LaGrande claim package can be seen on the figure above

Exploration History

Little exploration activities have occurred in the LaGrande Project area. Historic exploration, carried out over the LaGrande Project area, includes:

(i) mapping at a scale of 1:50,000 for Quebec’s Department of Natural Resources in 1997, following the work undertaken in 1966 and 1942; and
(ii) regional geomagnetic surveys in 1969.
Historical exploration identified uranium showings towards the south of the LaGrande Project. No recent exploration work has been undertaken.